Merchant & Mills : Right to Roam Rucksack Pattern


Claim your right to roam with this fine rucksack on your back. Make it in traditional British oilskin or a sturdy canvas. Fully lined with 3 divided internal pockets. The pattern includes a cross-body bag as an alternative.

Pattern Errata: Pattern piece 10 (handle): The gap between the rivet holes should be 6cm on each side. It is currently 5cm on one side and 6cm on the other.

This is an intermediate pattern.

Amount Needed
Self 96 - 110cm wide with or without nap - 1.35M
Self 120 - 150cm wide with or without nap - 1.10M
Lining 96cm wide - 1.15M
Lining 110 - 150cm wide - 1.00M
Leather Strap 1.3cm (1/2") handle and shoulder straps - 1.10M
Leather Strap 1.8cm (3/4") pocket straps - 1.00M
Eyelets approx 1 - 1.20cm diameter - 6
Rivets approx 9mm - 18
Cord for drawstring - 1.00M
Buckles 1.3cm (1/2") - 2
Buckles 1.8cm (3/4”) - 2
Magnetic Clasp - 1