Karyn Valino, Big City Craft
Featured in the Spring 2009 issue of Uppercase.

The article is an interview with Karyn, along with instructions for a project by Karyn.

The workroom is in a beautiful heritage space with high vaulted ceilings and large bay windows that open out to the street. Along one wall there are shelves filled with bolts of fabric sorted by colour. Along the opposite wall there are sewing stations with Bernina sewing machines that face towards the front of the shop. A huge cutting table sits in the middle of the shop and ther is a smaller one at the back of the space. Most of the fixtures and furnishings are vintage with an ‘old school’ or ‘industrial’ aesthetic–an old apothecary cabinet from a high school, large globe lights from a church, mismatched wooden school chairs, metal stools from a factory, a vintage couch and a chalkboard all. My goal was to create a space that was warm, relaxing and welcoming. Students and customers are encouraged to make themselves at home and many of them have told me that they never want to leave. There’s always a jar of cookies and a selection of delicious teas for people to help themselves to.