Lindsay Stead

I have been sewing / making things for most of my life but my real interest in craft grew when I studied furniture and textile design at Sheridan College. Shortly after finishing college I focused on quilt making and I’ve been doing it ever since!

When I’m not at the workroom I spend most of my time quilting. Listening to an audio book and doing some hand stitching is the best way to spend an evening at home. I also have a growing fascination with ferns and spend my summers looking for more to add to my garden.

There are too many good things about the workroom to list! Overall, what I really enjoy, is being around like-minded, creative people. I feel inspired and motivated every day!

I always feel the most proud of the last quilt I made. I gain more experience with every quilt so each one feels like the most successful.

I’m always dreaming of my next quilt! I always have one in the works even if it’s just taking shape in my thoughts.

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Instagram : @lindsay_stead