Debbie Arruda

I am a graduate of the Craft and Design Textiles program at Sheridan college, but my love of making things started very early in life. I can actually pinpoint the day my fascination began. I was in kindergarten and I made a little felt frog and ladybug that were stuffed with styrofoam bits and stitched together by hand. I still have those little stuffies. My work has evolved a lot since those days, and today I mainly make quilts with fabrics I have naturally dyed. I have a profound appreciation for these slow processes and all of the time, thought and love that go into them. When I teach workshops it is always a joy to share my knowledge and experience with others, and to see how people take these newfound skills and make them their own.

I have been at the workroom since it had been open less than a year and it has been amazing to see both the space and the community grow. It’s such an inspiring place to be and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

When I’m not chasing after/playing with my young son or making a quilt it’s likely you’ll find me knitting, working on an embroidery project, or sewing some clothes. Or baking. Or trying to keep a plant alive. Or trying to choose something to watch on Netflix with my husband. Now that my son is old enough to entertain himself I’m focusing more time on developing a collection of handmade goods to share with the world.

You can follow my adventures on instagram – @dear_gemini_