Carolanne Graham


My education is in English Literature and Librarianship. Alas, there is no such thing as post-secondary education in hand quilting.  Sewing obsessions started early for me. I suffered devastation in Grade 7 Home Economics when my teacher gave me an A- on a very complicated hot dog pillow. There was a small cut in the bun fabric and I swear it was there when my mom bought it. 9 cushions later I closed the gap on the A grade I felt I deserved. Also my teacher refused to mark any more of my work.

After university, my career took me away from tree planting in Northern Ontario, but fate was generous enough to give me a quilter with whom to share my cubicle. After that I took quilting lessons every week for 16 years and carried my sewing tin with me everywhere. Teaching at the workroom fuels both creativity and joy. I especially love to see people combine skills from multiple classes into a quilt or garment that is totally their own. With a toddler in my home, I appreciate that time is a scarce commodity and I am honoured when students choose to spend theirs with me.

When not at the workroom I am caring for my daughter Faye. When she falls asleep, you can usually find me quilting, knitting, baking, fussing over my indigo plants or watching Sherlock with my husband, Darcy.

I have great affection for my Shibori Star quilt which happened very much by accident. The cloth was dyed in 2009, but it was finished as a whole cloth piece, in a fit of sewing therapy in 2011. You can read about it here.

My passion for indigo was sparked 18 years ago when I saw naturally dyed fabric for the first time. Tiny collections of fat eighths at my local quilt shop; they were stapled to cardboard and hanging neglected with the notions. No one in the shop cared about them, but I thought they were beautiful and promised myself I would dye all my own fabric one day. It was years before the opportunity to learn the process presented itself. Back then, my wildest dream was having the time and space to do exactly what I do now.

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