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Improvising From A Score

With jazz music, a score, or lead sheet, indicates basic chord changes, and arrangements of a song without specifying how the song should be performed. Now imagine a score written to perform a quilt!  In this ruler-free improv workshop participants will explore the key concept of how to set limits to support your creative flow. Finding your flow not only feels super good, it actually replaces the need of having to work from a plan. Participants will also learn basic ruler-free sewing techniques and leave with the confidence to create your own patchwork scores for future improvisational projects.

This quilting class is one 6-hour session


Instructor : Sherri Lynn Wood

Pre-requisite : Students must have completed Sewing Machine Essentials or have equivalent experience. You should be able to set up and thread a sewing machine on your own.

Images courtesy of Sherri Lynn Wood