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Heirloom Tea Towel

PLEASE NOTE : Floor Loom Weaving classes will resume Summer 2018.

This is our second in a new series of floor loom weaving classes.

In this class, participants will hand weave a cotton tea towel in a lace weave pattern called Spot Bronson. Students will have the choice of one of three different nostalgic weave patterns, each producing a beautifully textured towel.  This class will introduce students to treadle tie-up, deepening their understanding of floor loom operation.  No previous weaving experience necessary.

This class is limited to one student per loom. the workroom currently has four floor looms.

Please note! The class fee includes materials. You will be weaving on a loom that has been warped with a natural cotton. You can choose from a selection of colours for your weft.

This floor loom weaving class is one 5-hour session


Instructor : Joanna Schleimer

Pre-requisite : None! This is a beginner floor loom weaving class

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