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Grain Sack Tea Towel

In this class, students will have the opportunity to weave a vintage-inspired Grain Sack Tea Towel on a jack harness floor loom.  Reminiscent of farmhouses and antique markets, cotton yarn blended with linen creates a crisp and rustic feel. Students are offered the choice of weaving herringbone or plain weave pattern, with the option of monogramming their towels with satin or cross stitch.  This sweet and personal detail adds such charm and makes for a classic heirloom worthy item.

This class is limited to one student per loom. the workroom currently has four floor looms.

Please note! The class fee includes materials. You will be weaving on a loom that has been warped with neutral colours, plus a classic red or blue.

  • Saturday February 16, 11am-5:30pm
  • Sunday March 3, 11am-5:30pm


Instructor : Joanna Schleimer

Pre-requisite : None. This is an introductory floor loom class.

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